April 2nd, 2009

Нетрадиционная Кулинария

Преград для полета фантазии в благом деле "оволошения" мясоподобных припасов не наблюдается совершенно. Немного изменив плоскость втыка, народ получает вот такую прелесть:

Collapse )

For the english speakers: i collect in this lj blog photos and links to this new form of food art, we tentatively call "hot dogs strikes back". it is primarily made by inserting dried spaghetti into the hot dogs and then boiling the resulting concoctions. it is fun to make and fun to eat for the whole family and the variations seem endless. if you do engage into experimenting with different forms of this "art", please take photos and drop me a link. i will post it here, so we can keep the project alive.